I believe communication,
is at the heart of every matter,
even if you're on the ladder
talk down to the one that will hold your rungs
he will keep you straight, keep you balanced
keep you safe son.

I believe in preservation
I believe people need to keep the peace
maintain and protect all the things that should be
necessary things that you don't want to see lost.

I believe in education, it goes way beyond the system
talkin' about the level of the teaching in the home, shape the youth so when they're gone and on their own
pass it along and onto their kids and watch them grow son.

I believe cultivation
promote the growth, take stock in what is known
seek acquaintance of the will that is good and understood
self-advance in the moral intellect from youth because...

Yes you gotta believe in yourself one time
and retrieve from the mind dedication

Yes you gotta believe in yourself one time
and retrieve from the mind dedication

I believe inspiration
is the key ingredient, simply to achieve
push to do the things people wouldn't normally conceive
stimulated creativity, an apple from an infertile tree

how can a country occupy
with a nation that's unwilling to comply
and lie, with military spry,
can we focus on the suffering
that's happening right below our feet

I believe in good relations
it's the positivity, hone it
transfer energy, spread the good
and honesty, befriend a foe
and guarantee yourself not to torch the bridge
that takes you from point A to point B

Yes we live in this society,
with anxiety, definitely a variety of
hatred and remorse, guilt, evil is the source
put your right foot forward
take a breath and get your life on coarse.


Bang bang, alleviate the pain
you'll be flyin' high, undisputed champion
the prime time leader of the altruistic mind
cantilevered weight, heavy enough
to hoist the plate of evil,

I believe in you

compromise, breathe and blink your eyes
it's the very time it takes to make a difference
wake up rise shine, scream it from the hills
now is gonna make you feel
you wished you found yourself sooner
there's the way now just get some will.