Get it or Forget it: 9 Mile Roots - ReEvolve Review

This band mixes hip-hop, rock and reggae to form their own genre, which they have dubbed “suburban roots reggae,” and it’s HOT.  Their horns contribute a dynamic that sets them apart, while the groove will definitely get your attention.  This is a party record that would go well with a gathering of your favorite friends and some liquid refreshment.  From the first notes of “Feel,” the listener can immediately sense that they are in for a treat, and 9 Mile Roots does not disappoint.  Just a casual listen and it becomes immediately clear why this band is receiving rave reviews of their music – they simply rock!  We can’t say enough about the quality of every song on this album...

Recommendation:  This album makes you feel like every day is 4-20.  It’s great vibe and overall musical groove make it a must have, so go Get it.

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